Your Gym Bag
Should Breed Confidence,
not Germs and Stank.

Your Gym Bag Stinks.
Because You Sweat.

Let’s face the ugly but accurate truth – you sweat when you work out. Then you take your sweaty gear and put it all in your gym bag.

Those sweaty socks, shirts, and workout gear are all snarling together inside one dank, unorganized, germ-breeding compartment. And that makes your gym bag stink.

Well, Apera bags don’t stink.

We created the ultimate bag to keep things organized, separated, and, most importantly, healthy. So your bag won’t becoming a germ-invested breeding ground. Here’s how:


Every Apera bag1 is Sanitized Infused with antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of bacterial odor. That means you if you happen to leave your sweaty gear in your bag for a period of time, the bag won’t take on the odor of your clothes, shoes, or socks.


Keeping your sweaty items in your bag after a workout can cause problems for the rest of your bag. Intelligently located laser-cut venting throughout Apera bags allow for air flow – keeping your bag, and everything inside it, dry and odor-free.


The last thing you want is your wet gear brushing up against your clean or dry gear. Intelligent and thoughtful organization within every Apera bag ensures that everything has a place and separated in intentional ways.


Who knows what comes into contact with your bag when you set it on the floor or bench at your gym? So we include a water-resistant base on our bags to keep moisture from seeping into your bag and contaminating your clothing and gear.


Each Apera bag includes this FREE organization packing solution.3 This allows you to keep wet or sweaty items organized and separate from the rest of your gear. They also feature Sanitized Infused antimicrobial product protection to resist the formation of bacterial odor.

Additional Fit Pockets are available in single or 2-packs in three eye-popping colors (Electric Lime, Titanium, or Arctic Blue).


You wash your clothes after a workout, but why not your bag? The linings in all Apera bags are crafted to allow cleaning of your bag with warm soapy water and a washcloth2. This makes wiping away any sweat or grime easy and efficient.

1 Certain hardware components of our bags (e.g., zippers, zipper pulls, and buckles) may not incorporate antimicrobial product protection. Also, Apera may produce special makeup products that do not feature antimicrobial product protection and are offered outside of this website.

2 Machine washing your Apera bag can damage the antimicrobial product protection and/or reduce its effectiveness. To clean your bag, hand wash with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

3 Applicable where noted. Our Fit Pockets may not be included with limited or special variations of Apera products sold outside this website.