Fit Pocket x2 – Large

Fit Pocket x2 – Large

The smartest way to keep your stuff organized and your gear separated. You just can’t get enough of these marvelous Fit Pockets.

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Key Features

Zippered storage for your wet/dry clothes, shoes, cords, or other accessories
Note: all sizes of Fit Pockets have the same Key features

Product Specs

Shoe Compartment Fits
  • Women Size 12
  • Men Size 11
Product Dimensions (each) 10.5" x 16.0" x 1.25"
Weight .3 lbs.
Capacity 9 Liters

Healthy by Design

Sanitized Freshness ®
Antimicrobial product protection (inside and out, helps fight odor)
Water and stain resistant fabric (that's easy to clean)

Built to Last

Lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects (provides peace of mind)
Ergonomic and secure zipper pulls (make accessing your gear a snap)
Durable fabrics and material (stand up to the rigors of life)
High visibility logo and venting (adds to Apera's distinct styling)


Separate your stack of clean or dirty clothes (or tons of accessories) in Apera and other travel bags. Apera’s Sanitized® Freshness Fit Pockets will keep your items fresh and nicely tucked away.


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