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Apera is a revolutionary fitness bag company that understands today’s athletes expect more from themselves and their gear.


You are complex. Your day is multi-faceted. Your life is layered with countless stories and experiences that shape who you are and where you are going.

Apera introduces the next wave of fitness bags that extend the sophistication, raw depth, and dimensionality of you – the warrior, princess, conqueror, athlete.


Apera officially launched in June 2012 by industry veterans Andrew Youngs and Frank Steed, who together possess over three decades of experience in the retail, bags and luggage business.

With their deep industry expertise, Youngs and Steed saw a void in the fitness bag market. Despite the multitude of bags available, today’s sport or fitness bags are unorganized, targeted to a younger consumer and made with inferior quality materials.

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We really do think of everything. Perfectly conceived features. Meticulous attention to organization. Lightweight by design. Every bag goes way beyond merely accommodating basic needs to elevating your total fitness experience.

And Apera is committed to eradicating the effects of bacterial pathogens, fungal mildew and noxious odors from your bag. We understand how sweaty your fitness journey can be — take each step with confidence.

Some might call us naïve for building bags that last a lifetime. We think we’re the first bag you reach for and the last bag you’ll ever need. We’ll also be the next bag you can’t wait to own.


You have an unwavering determination to seek fitness challenges, and honor your personal commitments to better yourself and others. You relentlessly embrace the mindset that each day you will be better, and celebrate the journey over the destination.

So Apera offers bold, versatile, fitness bags that are as healthy, authentic, and devoted as you are. Because we are as committed to bringing ease and organization to your life so you can get the most out of each day.


Apera’s cause is simple – to inspire all athletes.

Apera believes that anyone who wholeheartedly commits to a fitness journey merits our support. And that by showing up for others, we grow exponentially stronger in ourselves. These principles live at the heart of Apera, and are the reason we celebrate and support Special Olympics.

We donate one bag to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags we sell.

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