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Our Mission

We’re dedicated to serving others by providing revolutionary gym bags that are built to last.

Where it all Began

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Ok the bad news is that several years ago, I developed a severe case of an autoimmune disease and had to drastically change my lifestyle in order to heal. Part of that journey was being more aware of my health and fitness.

Pair that lifestyle change with the fact that my business partner and I had decades of bag experience creating and building world-class brands like Samsonite, Thule, and eBags… we thought turning our passions into a gym and fitness bag line was a natural.

We both were gym rats and loved working out, but realized our gym bags were lousy. They were cheap, had little organization, and looked like the same bags we had 30 years ago.

We saw a huge opportunity to change the sleepy old gym bag market, by creating bags that people would be proud to carry and maybe even motivate folks to work our more. So, we worked with a brilliant researcher and asked people what they’d like to see in a new gym bag.

We quickly realized people were actually extremely passionate about the possibility of creating a new gym bag that would actually fit their active lifestyle.

We worked with real fitness enthusiast (like you) that helped us design and create what bags Apera produces today.

They told us they wanted better organization, so we gave them pockets and zippers in all the right places. They hated the smell of their bags over time, so we answered back with anti-stink/antimicrobial material. They wanted their bags to last longer, so we gave them durable bags that could stand the test of time. They wanted a bag that was better looking, so we gave them 7 completely different bold and captivating bags options.

After years of development and hard work, we assembled a team of like minded fitness junkies to help us revolutionize the gym bag market. We hope you join us on our journey, all while enjoying the pursuit of living a healthier & happier life.

Oh yes, and the good news is that YOU can change anything if you have the desire. I am lucky to say I no longer have my autoimmune issues and it all happened without medicine, a major change in diet, and lots of dedication and faith. And when you look at the glass half full, in hindsight the “bad news” wasn’t bad news after all.

Andy Youngs, CEO & Founder

Why Apera?

We care about people and building better bags.

With your help, we try to think of everything. Perfectly conceived features. Meticulous attention to organization. Lightweight by design. Every bag goes way beyond merely accommodating basic needs to elevating your gym and active lifestyle. And Apera is committed to eradicating the effects of bacterial pathogens, fungal mildew, and noxious odors from your bag. You’re a beast at the gym and we understand how sweaty your workouts can be, and our bags are designed to take the heat. We want to be the first bag you reach for and the last bag you’ll ever need… and right about now we’re the next gym bag you can’t wait to own

Serving Others

We donate our time and treasure (bags). Our staff and families coach and volunteer for Special Olympics throughout the year. We hope this involvement furthers our commitment to positively impact all athletes and furthers the acceptance and inclusion of people who inspire us.

Over the years we have donated thousands of bags to Special Olympics and we’re committed to growing our relationship with Special Olympics for years to come

Keep Us Honest

Tell us what you think, we actually welcome it. Our goal is to continually improve all aspects of our business and we can’t do it without your help. So, give your bag an honest review!

Keep providing your input, as we strive to earn your business over and over again, now and in the future. We welcome you to engage with us on social media, write a product testimon-ials, or simply email us and let us know what’s on your mind. Our team is waiting to hear from you !

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