Each Apera bag features antimicrobial product protection – inside and out – to fight bacterial odor. We'll continue to reinvent the sport bag market by introducing healthier bags to meet your social or fitness needs.

  1. Tech Pack

    Tech Pack

    The Apera PureSport Tech Pack is the world’s most versatile backpack – for business, sport, travel, or however you need to use it. There’s no other bag like it. Learn More & Buy
  2. Duffel Pack

    Duffel Pack

    The Apera PureSport Duffel Pack – an advanced sport backpack that is perfect for carrying all your gear and fits easily in most gym lockers.

    A unique rear opening provides unhampered access to the large interior storage area and all of your fitness accessories. Learn More & Buy
  3. Sling Tote

    Sling Tote

    Thin and versatile, the Apera Sling Tote is the perfect companion for your group-based activity such as yoga, Pilates or an indoor cycling class, just to name a few.

    Stylish and fashionable, this bag is also your serious workout companion. Learn More & Buy
  4. Active Pack

    Active Pack

    The Apera PureSport Active Pack – the versatile, do-whatever-you-need-it-to backpack.

    The main storage area opens wide to help you pack and unpack your items with incredible ease. And a compartment on the back intelligently keeps your wet or sweaty gear separate from the rest of your bag. Learn More & Buy
  5. Sprint Pack

    Sprint Pack

    This is the same bag Apera donates to Special Olympics athletes for every three bags we sell. Now this cool, inspired bag can be yours, too. Learn More & Buy